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Social Member Handbook


General Information: Board/Leadership Contact




Vice President:






Enrichment Director: 


Operations Director:


Membership Policy

What we are able to offer to our member families depends on the number of parents willing to volunteer their time. With that information in mind, please consider how you may be able to volunteer to plan/orchestrate/assist with an activity or event.  Our goal is to have all members actively involved in planning or orchestrating events.  


We do not require parents to volunteer in any way. If you find yourself in a season where you need to simply partake, we understand that.  We hope that over time you will find ways to get more involved.  Please contact our Vice President ( to find a place to serve!


Renewal/Cancellation/Financial Responsibility Policy


Membership Timeline

Membership runs on a year long basis from August 1 to July 31. Please remember that dues are non-refundable and non-prorated.  Your membership begins the day you pay/enter BAND and ends on July 31.  All members are encouraged to renew their memberships during our open renewal period that typically takes place at the end of May.  Renewing at this time ensures that the cost of your membership for the upcoming year will not be raised, and that you receive a personalized ID card. Watch BAND for the specific dates, as renewals will be closed for the summer.  If you miss that renewal period, you will be removed from BAND on August 1st, will need to register as a new member at the current fee, and will receive a generic “teacher” ID card. 


Change in Status

If at any point during the year you are no longer a homeschooling family, please contact leadership to determine next steps.  We want to support you in your new journey, but recognize that much of what we offer will no longer be beneficial to you. 


Financial Topics

Please remember that dues are non-refundable and non-prorated. This means if you choose for any reason to cancel your membership, your joining fee will not be refunded.  It also means that we do not discount memberships if you join in the middle of our membership year. 

We are set up to receive payments through our website. You will receive a special link to purchase your membership.  After purchasing you will receive an email from Sign Request to read and sign a Photo Release and Code of Conduct. Lastly you’ll receive an email with information on how to access our Band group. 

Dress Code


LIGHT Katy Co-op endeavors to honor the Lord at all times. The dress code applies to all LIGHT family members. The LIGHT Leadership team reserves the right to ask you to change your clothing or withhold participation when these guidelines are not followed. 

  1. Shirts should be loose fitting (nothing sheer, no halter tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps or low cut shirts).

  2. Stomachs must be covered.

  3. Words on clothing must be appropriate.

  4. No short shorts or skirts, and no words on the seat of pants/shorts. 

  5. Wear appropriate footwear for each event as indicated by leadership or coordinators.

  6. If a nametag is required, all members must wear their nametag in the appropriate way at all times.

ID Cards


LIGHT Katy Co-op provides ID cards for each family/homeschool teacher each year.  Cards are good at various locations around the Katy and West Houston area (and possibly locations nationwide).  Refer to BAND to find the post about where your cards give you discounts/perks.  ID Cards will have family names on them if you renew your membership during the pre-summer renewal period.  If you are a new member or if you did not renew by the deadline, your card will be a generic “teacher” card. 

ID Cards will be ready for pick up at the Not Back to School Event in August.  If you do not pick them up at the event, they will be mailed in September. Please make sure your address is correct on your application so you can ensure a quick delivery. 


Code of Conduct

General Guidelines

General guidelines are for all LIGHT family members.

  1. Parents and students are expected to treat each other with kindness, gentleness and attentiveness. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we should strive to build each other up and encourage each other in whatever way possible.

  2. Students need to show respect in words and conduct to all adults and peers. Students should address adults respectfully, use manners, and common courtesy.

  3. Refraining from gossip is expected of all adults and children. Please address your concerns to the Leadership Team.

  4. If a conflict arises, practice biblical resolution. (If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother. Matthew 18:15)

  5. Be respectful of all property where LIGHT functions are held, at all times. Do not deface or destroy the property in any way. Treat all property and equipment with the utmost care.

  6. Please stay in the designated areas or classrooms during LIGHT functions. No unsupervised or unauthorized roaming will be allowed.

  7. No running or yelling inside any building during LIGHT functions. This especially applies to the staircases.

  8. Please honor one another by being on time for all scheduled LIGHT events and/or classes you attend. Recurring tardiness to events will result in meeting with the Leadership Team and the possibility of LIGHT membership being suspended.

  9. Do not ever take the Lord’s name in vain, speak profanities or vulgarities.

  10. Student cell phones and tablets are to be turned off and not used during LIGHT functions or field trips. Parents and teachers should adjust phones to vibrate only.

  11. LIGHT does not give release of members’ contact information for non-LIGHT purposes. Any member can only use contact information for reasons associated with LIGHT.

Band Guidelines

Band guidelines are for all family members who are members of LIGHT run BAND groups.

  1. All applicable guidelines from above will be followed in online interactions as well. 

  2. Please use your first and last name, and a current picture of yourself on BAND to help us identify you correctly.    

  3. Social BAND topics should relate to homeschooling in some way.  We are seeking to support each other through homeschooling.  Posts that are defaming, political, abusive, or vulgar in any way will be removed. 

  4. Selling homeschool related books/materials -  please post pictures in the album labeled FOR SALE: Homeschooling related and post the price or information in the comments of that picture.  Please do not post items to sell that are unrelated to homeschooling. The BAND Coordinator will contact you and remove your post if it does not follow the guidelines given. 

  5. Advertising for homeschool related activities/events - Process & Requirements as follows:

    1. Please post a picture of the event/activity that you are promoting in the BAND Album labeled ADVERTS: Homeschooling related

    2. Post only things that are homeschooling related activities, or that a homeschool family would enjoy/benefit from.  List date(s) of event, cost, location, and any contact information.

    3. The BAND Coordinator will contact you and remove your post if it does not follow the guidelines given. 


Snack & Food Policies


If you choose to bring food to a LIGHT event (park day, field trip, etc) please be mindful of other families, many of whom have life-threatening allergies.  Please make sure that your children DO NOT share their food with others unless parental permission has been given.  


Since many of our member families have life-threatening nut allergies, we request that families refrain from bringing nut products to LIGHT events. That being said, our events do take place at public locations and we cannot guarantee that any area will be free of nuts.


Membership and Guests


LIGHT Membership is extended to a mom and her husband (if applicable) and all children who live in the home.  Membership is not included for adult children, or for extended family members.  


LIGHT does welcome guests to several types of our events, but not all of them. Our desire is to protect our children as well as the integrity of our program.  Our events are not available to non-members, and so we want to respect your choice to be involved by giving you the benefits associated instead of allowing guests to take advantage of our programming as well.  Please note that our LIGHT field trips, labs, and other paid events will be closed to non-paying members. We welcome curious moms to join us for a Mom’s Night Out Event, an informational meeting, and select park days/mileage club events that are specified for this purpose.  Please do not extend invitations to paid or unpaid events to non-members, including extended family members.


We realize that there may be a need for you to grant guardianship to another program participant. These guardianships may only be used on an extremely limited basis and must be approved by the leadership. Guardianship, for the purposes of LIGHT events, simply means that another participant is responsible, in your stead, for the care of your children, during the LIGHT event (i.e. bringing another child with your family from another LIGHT member family). 

Sign Ups

LIGHT events, field trips, volunteer opportunities (including LIGHT ‘Em Up), and HMNS Labs - can help serve an important role in learning and engaging with the local community. In order to promote the success of these opportunities, LIGHT has established the following event policies and related procedures:



LIGHT members — i.e., immediate family member names listed on your LIGHT membership form — are permitted to attend LIGHT events. Other family members (e.g., grandparents), friends, etc., need Board approval. Some events are limited by age, etc. Make note of event requirements, and contact the event coordinator with approval / attendance questions prior to registration opening.



Registration and payment (if required) for all LIGHT events must be made online with a credit / debit card through LIGHT Katy’s website,


The event calendar is posted to Band which includes details and unique registration links to LIGHT Katy’s website. Registration and payment are open during specified dates, barring sellout. Event registration reminders post to Band on Friday mornings; links to register and submit payment open on Tuesdays at 9am.


Once registration and payment (if required) are submitted correctly, ticket(s) are sent to the email address used to register. An invoice is also emailed with payment details.


Please register with the first and last name associated with your Band account. This helps simplify the process when contacting those who register for the event. 



Event waitlists do not open upon registration closing. If additional tickets become available, notification will post to Band and registration will resume on LIGHT Katy’s website using the unique registration link.


If an event registration is closed and you would like to attend, you may post to Band expressing interest. Ticket exchanges and payment arrangements need to be made individually between LIGHT members. If this occurs, notify the event coordinator of any change.



All tickets are final sale. However, if any number in your family is unable to attend, you may designate your ticket(s) to another LIGHT family and work out payment with them. Please notify the event coordinator of any change.


LIGHT only issues refunds if the venue cancels, minus the 3.5% processing & handling fee.



When required for entrance to an event, check-in and/or present ticket(s) — printed or digital —  to the event coordinator by designated arrival time, not start time.


Late Arrival/Cancellation/No shows

In an effort to respect all LIGHT members, volunteers, staff at the scheduled event, and any other individuals and spaces involved, it is imperative LIGHT members arrive on time (designated arrival time, not start time of the event) and check-in and/or present tickets to the event coordinator when required.


To help curb members’ late arrivals, cancellations, and no shows to events, LIGHT has implemented the following three strike violation approach for families:


  • A family who arrives at an event later than the designated arrival time, whether known in advance or last minute, must inform the event coordinator and is considered in one violation of this policy.

  • A family who fails to check-in and/or present tickets to the event coordinator when required for a LIGHT event is considered late and in one violation of this policy.

  • A family who cancels their registration for a LIGHT event, whether in advance or last minute, and did not find LIGHT members to attend in their place is counted as one violation of this policy.

  • A family who does not show at a LIGHT event without communication to the event coordinator is counted as two violations of this policy.


Three violations within one school year will result in the family’s elimination from attending LIGHT events for the remainder of the school year. 



Our members represent LIGHT Katy as a group and homeschooling as a community. It is essential for all to demonstrate respect to the members of LIGHT and the venues who entertain our many families. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

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