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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is LIGHT?

We are a parent-led homeschool cooperative in the Katy, Texas area seeking to come alongside other homeschooling families to live intentionally and grow together. We do this through a variety of regular social opportunities throughout the year. LIGHT is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt association. LIGHT offers two types of membership: Social Member or Enrichment Program Member

2. Who can join?

LIGHT is open to families interested in or actively engaged in home education who are in agreement with LIGHT’s purposes and principles. There are two levels of membership available: Enrichment and Social Membership.

3. What are the perks of a social membership?

LIGHT Social Membership has access to events and activities, including but not limited to:

• Field trips

• Parties

• Park Days

• Book Club

• Community Service Projects

• Moms' Night Out

• Mileage Club

• Coding Club - Partnered with Bridges to Science

• Math Club - Partnered with Bridges to Science

• HMNS Science and Dissection Labs

• Standardized Testing

• Teacher ID Card for store discounts & rewards

• $20 off your yearly Texas Homeschool Coalition membership

• Access to LIGHT's online forum

• National Academic Competitions and Contests

4. What is the Enrichment program?

LIGHT Enrichment is a parent-led enrichment program that meets Thursday at Grace Fellowship in Katy. Per our bylaws, Enrichment members must affirm the beliefs in LIGHT’s Statement of Faith and have at least one child actively homeschooling who is at least six years old and in the first grade. Enrichment members automatically receive all of the benefits of a social member.

5. Are you meeting for the 2023-2024 school year?

Enrollment for the Enrichment program is now closed. However, click here for information on how to register for our Social Membership. 

6. How do I apply for the Enrichment program?

The first step is to attend an Informational Meeting which are typically held in the spring. This meeting allows prospective families to visit our Enrichment program for a morning, gives them time to tour facilities, and ask any questions at that time. During that meeting we go over what the next steps are to apply for our Enrichment program.

7. How do I apply to be a social member?


To join LIGHT Katy Co-op click here for instructions on how to become a Social member.

8. What are the expectations for parental involvement?

We are a parent-led cooperative, and therefore parent involvement is required to varying degrees depending on the event or activity. For Enrichment classes, parents are required to teach and assist. For social events, parents are expected to attend with their children and provide supervision.

9. What are the fees associated with joining?

Social membership is a $30.00 non-refundable fee.

Enrichment membership is $60/semester per family, for a total of $120 per academic year. An initial nonrefundable deposit of $40 is due upon your acceptance as an Enrichment member and the $20 balance of the fall registration fee is due by June 1. Spring registration fees will be due typically by November 15. Additionally, class fees are set by the teacher and range from $5-$20 per class. The cost of Enrichment membership also includes all the benefits of social membership.

10. Do you require a signed statement of faith?

As a Christian organization we require all Enrichment members to sign a Statement of Faith. Social members are not required to sign, but are required to respect the beliefs of LIGHT as described in the Statement of Faith.

11. Are you a drop-off program?

No, we are not. We require parent participation during events and activities.

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