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What are We?

We are a parent-led homeschool cooperative in the Katy, Texas area seeking to come alongside other homeschooling families to live intentionally and grow together. We do this through a variety of regular social opportunities throughout the year. LIGHT is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt association. LIGHT offers two types of membership: Social Member or Enrichment Program Member 

Mission Statement

The purpose of LIGHT is to glorify God and allow Him to shine through our efforts as we grow our homeschoolers together. We exist to connect homeschooling families, and assist them in their homeschooling journey in an affordable, encouraging, Christ-like manner. We desire to serve our fellow homeschoolers in the Katy area, through our educational enrichment program, and by providing many opportunities for social interaction for students and parents.

Types of Memberships

LIGHT Enrichment is a parent-led enrichment program that meets Thursdays at Grace Fellowship in Katy. Per our bylaws, Enrichment members must affirm the beliefs in LIGHT’s Statement of Faith and have at least one child actively homeschooling who is at least six years old and in the first grade. Enrichment members automatically receive all of the benefits of a social member.

Check out a recent course catalog here!

Fees: $60/Family per semester plus cost of individual enrichment courses and social events

Interested in our Enrichment program?

To be notified via email when dates for Enrichment Info Meetings are posted, please click the box and fill out this short form! Anyone hoping to apply for Enrichment must attend an Info Meeting in the spring. The next round of Info Meeting dates will be posted on Band on 2 December 2024.


Age requirements for Enrichment: Must have at least one participating child in 1st grade or higher and at least age 6 by September 1st.

LIGHT Social Membership now has two parts. Our Community Members get to enjoy:

  • Park days

  • Book Club

  • Chess Club

  • Mom's Night out

  • Mileage Club

And more free opportunities to get to know more families. 

Fees: $15/family per social year.

Our Journey Members enjoy all the same opportunities as Community with the added benefits of:

  • Field trips

  • Parties

  • HMNS Science and Dissection Labs

  • National Academic Competitions and Contests

  • Teacher ID Card for store discounts & rewards

  • $20 off your yearly Texas Homeschool Coalition membership

Fees: $30/family per social year plus the cost of individual events and activities 

Term: Each social year runs from August 1 - July 31.  Social memberships may be purchased anytime during the social year term, however it is important to note that all social memberships expire on July 31. You must manually renew your social membership each year.

While we do not require social members to sign a Statement of Faith, we do require social members to read, respect and act accordingly. 

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