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Social Membership Registration

Steps to join the Social Membership at LIGHT Katy Co-op:


1. Read through all the steps so you understand the process, as it has multiple steps, and you will not be able to access our communication platform or attend events until each of the steps are completed.  If you are applying during our Enrollment Season (June-July,) the membership process usually takes around one week from submission of your info form, as long as the other steps are completed. If you are registering to become a social member during August-May, please note that we accept members in batches, and the typical time frame is about 2 weeks. Tasks that you must complete are in bold. 


2. CLICK HERE to tell us a bit about your family and how we can stay in touch.  This is your Application form.


3. Submit a $25.00 non-refundable membership fee via PayPal to Please use the Friends and Family option to help us avoid unnecessary fees!


4. After payment has been received and the info form has been completed, we’ll send you an electronic link via SignRequest to sign LIGHT’s updated Code of Conduct and Liability Release forms. Once you sign these, it will take a few days to verify these, and then we will move to step 5.


5. Finally, once we receive your payment and the signed forms, you will get an invitation to BAND, our online communication platform. You’ll need to set up an account including your FIRST and LAST name and a profile picture of yourself for safety purposes.  You will be admitted by our admin to the BAND once you have added a picture, and made sure that your name is both your first and last name on the BAND account.


6. Start interacting with our incredible community via BAND, and begin attending events you’ll find on the calendar page in BAND.  We look forward to getting to know you better! 

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