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Social Membership Renewals

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Beginning Friday July 17th and running through July 31st, current LIGHT social members will have the chance to renew their membership in LIGHT Katy Co-op. The cost continues to be $25/family per year plus the cost of individual events and activities. Homeschoolers interested in becoming new social members may send an email to

The LIGHT Leadership team has extensively discussed and prayed over how to proceed this fall. We deeply treasure our mission, which is to grow our homeschoolers together. We believe deeply in the value of our community and thus want to continue growing together while also maintaining safety for all our members. While things will be different than in the past due to COVID-19, there will continue to be many wonderful opportunities for members.

Benefits of being a social member of LIGHT include (but are not limited to):

* Membership Card: allows you to take advantage of educator discounts at a variety of locations (Katy Budget Books, Barnes and Noble, Half Price Books, etc.).

* Park Days

* Moms' Night Out events – both in person and via Zoom

* Field Trips

* National Contest Opportunitites: such as the noetic math competition and the national mythology exam.

* HMNS Labs (the museum has confirmed that these will be happening and registration will be starting soon)

* Mileage Club: Outdoor running club that meets on most Fridays

* Katy Math Circle

* Family Book Club

* Theater

* Eta Sigma Alpha (National Home School Honor Society): for eligible students in grades 7 and up.

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