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Social Membership - Enrollment is open!!!

It’s time for social membership renewals! Or if you are a homeschooling family in the Katy/West Houston area, you can join us for the first time! Social membership is only $25 per academic year. LIGHT social membership offers the opportunity to participate in many great opportunities, such as:

• Monthly field trips

• Service projects

• Moms’ Nights Out

• Book Club

• HMNS Science Labs

• Park days and socials

• Standardized testing

• National academic competitions (Noetic Math Contest and the National Mythology Exam)

• Weekly Running Club

• Musical Theater

• Math Circle

• Eta Sigma Alpha National Home School Honor Society (8th grade and above)

• ID Card for homeschool teacher discounts

• Access to LIGHT’s online forum

Email for further information on how to get connected.

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